Overseas achievements

We are actively working on expanding business overseas, with 40 years of experience in exporting silk fabrics to the bridal market in US. Although the Lehman's fall in 2008 caused a decline in export, we took advantage of this occasion to explore the European market. There, we eventually met with favorable reception, which encouraged us to undertake a new adventure. At the business meetings held in Paris and Milan in February 2011, we received orders for samples from worldwide well-known fashion brands; this has led us to a fuller-scale market entry in Europe.

Milano Unica 2018S/S
Milano Unica 2018S/S (Feb. 2017)

JFW Premium Textile Japan 2017A/W
JFW Premium Textile Japan (Nov. 2016)

Intertextile Shanghai 2016
Intertextile Shanghai 2016 (Oct. 2016)

Milano Unica 2017A/W
Milano Unica 2017A/W (Sep. 2016)

JFW Premium Textile Japan 2017S/S
JFW Premium Textile Japan (May 2016)

Milano Unica 2017S/S
Milano Unica 2017S/S (Feb. 2016)

Intertextile Shanghai 2015
Intertextile Shanghai 2015 (Oct. 2015)

Milano Unica 2016A/W
Milano Unica 2016A/W (Sep. 2015)

Milano Unica 2016S/S
Milano Unica 2016S/S (Feb. 2015)

Gift Show Spring 2015
Gift Show Spring 2015 (Feb. 2015)

Intertextile Shanghai 2014
Intertextile Shanghai 2014 (Oct. 2014)

MAISON&OBJET 2014 (Jan. 2014)

JFW Premium Textile Japan
JFW Premium Textile Japan (Oct. 2013)

rooms (Sep. 2013)

Texworld PARIS
Texworld PARIS (Sept. 2013)

Intertextile Shanghai
Intertextile Shanghai (Oct. 2012)

Texworld USA
Texworld USA (Jul. 2012)

JETRO MILAN (Feb. 2010)